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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resource Center

Laptop screen of diverse faces

The VSCPA firmly supports those who are advocating for change in the justice and economic systems in America.

We are committed to taking actions to eliminate systemic racism in our communities by increasing dialogue, education and awareness.

Diversity, equity & inclusion is one of the VSCPA's core organizational values as we strive to foster an environment that recognizes and reflects a diversity of people, cultures and perspectives.

News & Articles
Very few VSCPA members have the longevity in the profession of Dr. Ruth Coles Harris, CPA. None can claim to have witnessed the same kind of history. Harris is the inaugural recipient of the VSCPA’s new Ruth Coles Harris Advancing Diversity & Inclusion Award, and you couldn’t dream up a more deserving candidate if you tried. Harris, 90, spent her formative years under the yoke of Jim Crow, then stood up to ensure her students had the opportunities she didn’t.
In an organization filled with high-achieving professionals, Powhatan native Lynne Doughtie, CPA, manages to stand out. In 2015, she was named chairman and CEO of Big Four firm KPMG, becoming the first woman to hold both roles simultaneously in the Big Four.