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Volunteer with the VSCPA

Grow your leadership skills while giving back!

Volunteers are at the heart of the VSCPA —  not only do our volunteers contribute their time, talent and expertise, they set the tone and direction for the future of what we do.

Volunteering with the VSCPA is one of the best professional development experiences you can have while giving back to your community. You'll gain additional leadership experience, build your résumé and forge new friendships. No matter your interest, we have many ways you can get involved!

Here’s what our members say about volunteering with the VSCPA:

“It has been inspiring to network with other professionals in leadership positions while volunteering with the VSCPA and in my community.” — Marie Assouan, CPA, Member since 2008

"Serving as a VSCPA Ambassador has helped me meet a lot of great VSCPA members. It has also allowed me to be more connected with my company and its many offices across Virginia." — Bo Garner, CPA, Member since 2012


How to volunteer with the VSCPA

Whether you’re looking to volunteer year-round or on an as needed basis, our volunteer management system on Connect will help you find the right opportunity. We've made it easy to volunteer — follow these three steps to get signed up!

Step One: Opt into the VSCPA volunteer pool. Being part of the VSCPA volunteer pool means you are interested in learning about future volunteer opportunities. Opting in is easy! With one click, you’ll be added to our pool of volunteers and will receive an email alert as new opportunities open up.

Step Two: Update your volunteer profile. Complete your volunteer profile, and select the type of volunteer opportunities you're interested in. To make things easy, we'll send you an email notification when opportunities that match your interests become available. Select all opportunities that apply.

Step Three: Search for open volunteer opportunities. Sign up for our current volunteer opportunities listed on Connect. If you don't see what you're looking for, be sure to check back often, or if you'd like us to notify you when opportunities are available, please update your volunteer profile in step two.

Want to volunteer with students?

As part of our commitment to help educate middle and high school students about the different career paths in accounting, the VSCPA launched a grassroots campaign called CPAs in the Classroom. We now have two ways for you to volunteer with CPAs in the Classroom— you can schedule your own visit or search existing opportunities near you. 


VSCPA Volunteers

Expand your connections

We know you're able to accomplish more and have a greater impact on those you serve when you're connected with other leaders. 

That's why day two of Leaders' Summit, our free annual leadership program held in May, is held in person and is exclusively for VSCPA volunteers. Volunteers are invited to experience collaborative sessions and professional hot topics designed to help you make a greater impact in all that you do.


Thank you FY 2022-2023 volunteers

We are so grateful for our many volunteers, new and recurring. Without you, the work we do wouldn't be possible. Check out our FY 2022-2023 volunteers — thank you for all you do!