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Donate to the VSCPA Educational Foundation 

Founded in 1984, the VSCPA Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and supporting future CPAs by promoting accounting education and rewarding academic excellence. The Foundation provides more than $55K in scholarships to Virginia college accounting students each year – inspiring and supporting future CPAs. 

This year marks 100 years since John Cromwell Jr. became the first Black CPA in the United States. In honor of this centennial, the VSCPA Educational Foundation has established the Curtis C. Duke and Dr. Ruth Coles Harris Scholarship. Curtis C. Duke and Dr. Ruth Coles Harris were the first Black male and female CPAs in Virginia. 

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Contribute to the VSCPA Political Action Committee (VSCPA PAC)

The VSCPA PAC is a bipartisan committee founded in 1981 that contributes funds to Virginia candidates and legislators who actively support the CPA profession and your business interests. The PAC also contributes to any VSCPA member running for state or local office.  Every contribution is vital to create maximum impact and give a clear, pro-business message to legislators — shaping our own tomorrow.

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