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Protecting and promoting the CPA and CPAs' interests.

Advocating for CPAs' interests is one of the VSCPA's top priorities.

We cultivate relationships with legislators and regulators, monitor issues as they arrive and work diligently to support a myriad of issues affecting the CPA designation, CPAs' business interests, tax policy and more. Our philosophy is to protect the CPA designation and services, advance the profession, promote technical and ethical standards, and promote sound fiscal public policy. Learn more about our philosophy, including our guiding principles of Virginia tax policy. 

Part of advocating for CPAs' interests is providing letters and comments on a variety of bills, regulations and other topics. The VSCPA Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Tax Advisory Committee and Accounting & Auditing Advisory Committee regularly monitor state and national issues and send letters and position statements as necessary. Check out our most recent positions here.

We are also proud to cultivate a relationship with the Virginia Board of Accountancy (VBOA), the state licensing board for CPAs. The VSCPA attends Virginia Board of Accountancy meetings and communicates CPA designation-related news and information to VSCPA members. We work closely with the VBOA on a variety of regulatory issues.

As part of our advocacy efforts, we regularly communicate with and educate legislators and policymakers on important issues, like tax policy and tax conformity, sometimes providing guidance and information or conducting webinars.

Watching the political landscape

The VSCPA monitors bills that could potentially affect the CPA profession and takes action whenever necessary! The 2021 Virginia General Assembly is currently in session for a short, 30-day session followed by another 16-day special session. You can see what we are tracking anytime with our VoterVoice system, as well as quickly and easily use the system to contact your legislators.

CPA Assembly Week

Every year, CPAs around the state convene on the Virginia Capitol in Richmond to meet with elected officials to discuss tax policy, conformity and other pressing issues. Unfortunately, the pandemic halted our usual plans, but we were able to have a few virtual sessions for Virginia CPAs. Learn more about CPA Week 2021, held virtually Jan. 18–20, 2021.

How you can take action

The VSCPA offers two ways members and stakeholders can take action on issues important to CPAs: the Virginia Political Action Committee (VSCPA PAC) and VoterVoice. Founded in 1981, the PAC is a bipartisan committee that financially assists Virginia candidates and legislators who support CPA interests. Learn more here.

Want to help the VSCPA make an impact on issues impacting the profession, but don't have the time to draft a letter? The VSCPA has got you covered with its grassroots advocacy tool, VoterVoice.

Visit vscpa.com/VoterVoice to find pre-written emails on the topic in question, usually a bill currently before the Virginia General Assembly. (Don't worry — you can edit the email.) If we have your address on file, the appropriate legislators will be pre-populated.

The form will be set to the branch the bill is currently in front of, whether it's the House of Delegates, the Senate or the governor.

Contact our team

The VSCPA Advocacy Team is available anytime to help VSCPA members navigate legislative and regulatory issues, assist policymakers and legislators with any CPA-related questions, and more. Contact VSCPA Vice President, Advocacy Emily Walker, CAE, at (804) 612-9428.

Virginia Board of Accountancy

The VSCPA is a separate entity from the Virginia Board of Accountancy (VBOA), which licenses CPAs. Here is a list of VBOA links and contact information.

Help for Virginia legislators

As part of our advocacy efforts, we regularly communicate with and educate legislators and policymakers on important issues, like tax policy and tax conformity. In January 2021, we held a webinar for legislators specifically on conformity, with the following resources:

Watch videos on important issues

We regularly have conversations with elected officials and other important political officials on the topics that most affect CPAs and their clients. You can watch anytime in our Advocacy Efforts Playlist on the VSCPA YouTube Channel. Check back often, as our channel is regularly updated!