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Diversity, equity & inclusion articles

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Honoring a CPA pioneer

Very few VSCPA members have the longevity in the profession of Dr. Ruth Coles Harris, CPA. None can claim to have witnessed the same kind of history. Harris is the inaugural recipient of the VSCPA’s new Ruth Coles Harris Advancing Diversity & Inclusion Award, and you couldn’t dream up a more deserving candidate if you tried. Harris, 90, spent her formative years under the yoke of Jim Crow, then stood up to ensure her students had the opportunities she didn’t.

Secrets of a CPA trailblazer

In an organization filled with high-achieving professionals, Powhatan native Lynne Doughtie, CPA, manages to stand out. In 2015, she was named chairman and CEO of Big Four firm KPMG, becoming the first woman to hold both roles simultaneously in the Big Four. 

Why women are critical for your DEI initiative

Within the CPA profession, women are still widely underrepresented, especially in leadership roles both in firms and the corporate finance sector. But when most think about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programming, women do not always come to mind as a group needing attention. This is a shortsighted omission.

Equity is not equality

Often the concepts of equity and equality are used interchangeably. Recently, there has been a shift towards distinguishing between the two. Understanding the differences between equity and equality can lead to transformational change in the workplace.

How to embed DEI into your office culture 

The conversation around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) should be at the forefront of all discussions within organizations to align with and create an innovative and sustainable future. In professional service organizations, specifically accounting, defining and crafting DEI goals and initiatives is critical to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture. 

9 ways to stand up to racism

The events over the last few months related to race have reminded us all: Diversity matters. What we say and do at work matters. So how do we change? How do we become the leaders and co-workers we want to be? How can we shape our firms and companies so they reflect a diverse and tolerant society?

What is in a name?

Learning how to say and pronounce an individual’s name is a small, yet intentional act of inclusion you can engage in today! Making the effort to correctly pronounce someone’s name is a small act that conveys respect and understanding, and can go a long way in helping people feel valued. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want?