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CPAs as LGBTQ+ allies 

October 17, 2023

A quarter of LGBTQ+ young adults go back into the closet after starting work, according to Positive Futures, a report from the charity Just Like Us. Sponsored by Deloitte, the report reveals the reality many LGBTQ+ people face in their careers: 49% ‘rarely or never’ feel close to other people and 48% are not confident they’ll have a career they enjoy. 

There are ways CPAs can help LGBTQ+ employees feel welcomed and supported at work. Here are a few: 

  • Provide senior LGBTQ+ career mentors for younger staff. 

  • Update policies to better support LGBTQ+ employees, such as reviewing paternity and adoption leave. 

  • Commit to allyship by not tolerating LGBTQ+ bullying, show visible signs of acceptance, and providing meaningful volunteer opportunities. 

  • Implement diverse recruitment practices. 

The report is full of more data and suggestions for employers. Find it at tinyurl.com/LGBTQPositiveFutures

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