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Mission, Vision & Strategies

The Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA) is the leading professional association dedicated to empowering Certified Public Accountants (CPA) to thrive. In an ever-changing business environment, CPAs are trusted relationship builders and advisors, using highly earned knowledge and expertise to assist their clients and companies. The VSCPA offers education and training, information and resources, advocacy, benefits, volunteering and so much more to aid the accounting profession in Virginia and beyond.

Founded in 1909, the VSCPA comprises nearly 13,000 members who actively work in public accounting, private industry, government agencies or educational institutions.

VSCPA Mission and Vision


VSCPA values

Undergoing the VSCPA 2030 strategic planning process, leaders and staff realized there are many values that are no longer priorities; they are simply part of what we do (and what we strive to do) every day. 

What we do
What we stand for

3 strategic priorities

Now that we agree on who we are, what we do, and what we stand for, what else? It turns out there’s a lot to be done to protect and promote the accounting profession to achieve our vision for the future, and we have exciting strategic directives to meet these aspirations — while building on our recent successes.

VSCPA 2030 Strategic Priorities


Influence people to become and remain CPAs.
The pipeline challenges facing the profession aren’t going away any time soon, so we aren’t backing away from the challenge. Over the past few years, we’ve communicated with you about our many pipeline-related initiatives, from conversations on the 150-hour requirement to expanding the CPAs in the Classroom program. To continue our pipeline focus, we aim to:

  • Implement talent initiatives to inspire students and other professionals to not just join the CPA profession but stay.
  • Encourage diverse students to consider careers in accounting.
  • Guide CPA leaders and managers to implement workplace culture, recruitment and retention best practices to attract and keep high-quality talent.

Foster connections and prepare the CPA of the future.
Post-pandemic, we’re hearing more and more that you want to feel connected and building and fostering relationships is a critical CPA competency. Newer professionals want networking and mentoring opportunities, seasoned professionals want to continue to upskill and enhance their people skills, and members at all levels want to volunteer and give back to the profession. To that end, we will:

  • Build a connected community of professionals to encourage relationship-building, mentoring, networking, and public service.
  • Prepare the profession to become leaders who are strong relationship builders and stellar communicators.

Pursue business model innovation to deliver member value.
The future of all businesses, no matter the industry, is changing. We’re all responding to the rapid rise of new technologies like AI, and the VSCPA is no exception. To ensure we have a solid, valuable future for our organization and for you, we must consistently innovate and explore  ventures and initiatives that not only safeguard our stability but deliver exceptional member value. We plan to:

  • Reflect the evolving CPA profession by engaging in new ventures, implementing new business models, and showcasing operational excellence.
  • Support CPAs’ changing needs and model innovation by offering transformational member value. 

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