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Essential Ethics Resource Center

We are proud to offer the highest-quality ethics courses for all accounting and business professionals. As your career-long continuing education and professional development resource, we recognize that ethics education doesn't end when you get your CPE certificate.

These resources will help you navigate ethical dilemmas and double-check your actions against the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) Code of Professional Conduct and other standards.

Essential Ethics courses
Ethics news & articles
Artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, robots — buzzwords have been flying around for a while. But will artificial intelligence really replace accountants? Will ChatGPT replace the services accountants can provide? Will the world be overtaken by robots? 
Would you like to know if you are being paid fairly for your role? Do you believe you should be paid based on your performance, what your colleagues in similar roles are being paid, what the market is paying for your role, or some...

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Questions? Contact the AICPA Ethics Hotline at (888) 777-7077, option 6, followed by option 1, or email [email protected].

For questions regarding your ethics CPE requirement, please contact the VSCPA at (800) 733-8272 or [email protected].