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On high alert 

For CPAs entrusted with clients' financial data, safeguarding sensitive information is not only essential for the clients' security but also for the CPAs' own legal responsibilities. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides a comprehensive list of warning signs to help tax professionals identify potential red flags of data theft. By staying vigilant and proactive, tax professionals can play a crucial role in preventing financial fraud. 

The campaign for accounting as STEM 

Getting accounting recognized as a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) field will elevate its exposure and increase awareness of the profession. The VSCPA supports legislative initiatives toward this end and the STEM initiative is part of the Society’s top-line goal to address the CPA pipeline crisis. 

The CPA pipeline: Front and center

The word “pipeline” is everywhere these days, but what do we really mean by that? Essentially, the CPA pipeline is the queue of next-gen accountants — beginning with students’ piqued interest in accounting in middle school all the way through young professionals deciding to stick with the profession long term.

A new way to CPA: Learning program aims to ease path to CPA licensure

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) will launch an innovative post-graduate program this fall in collaboration with the Tulane School of Professional Advancement (SoPA). The program blends rigorous online learning with on-the-job professional experience for college accounting graduates, offering a less costly and more flexible way to complete the 150-hour course credit requirement to become a licensed CPA.

Back to class

By Tori Smith 
 Harold Martin, CPA, played guitar at an AICPA conference. Jessica McClain, CPA, is a season ticket holder for the Washington Commanders. Jonathan Saad, CPA, enjoys playing golf and tennis in his free time. Hope Cupit, CPA...

3 ways to evolve accounting education  

By Brigid D’Souza, CPA, MBA, Saint Peter’s University   
 The window on the current CPA Exam format is quickly closing, making the new CPA Evolution licensure format an imperative classroom focus. Accounting professors serve as tip-of-the...

Is 150 too many?

For nearly the past two decades, prospective CPAs in Virginia have had to undertake 150 hours of education before becoming licensed. But a declining CPA pipeline has accountants asking: Is the 150 now a barrier to becoming a CPA? Is it time to reimagine how we prepare CPAs for an increasingly evolving profession?

150 hours: To change or not to change?

The 150-hour educational requirement for CPA licensure went into effect in Virginia in 2006. Since then, we’ve heard from VSCPA members — CPA leaders across organizations of all sizes — questioning if the 150-hour requirement is a barrier to entry in the profession. At a time when we’re actively investigating ways to reduce barriers to entry and increase the CPA pipeline, we took these concerns seriously.

Entice them early

Regardless of the changes occurring in the accounting profession, one fact remains: CPA firms are trying to attract and hire the best candidates and are doing so at earlier and earlier stages of accounting students’ education.

A new horizon for the CPA 

Data analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual workspaces, remote learning … The professional life of a CPA is a far cry from the physical general ledgers of the past. The skills and competencies CPAs need today today to continue to provide high-level services to their companies and clients are rapidly changing.

Making the most of post-grad CPA Exam summer studies

The post-graduate summer is a limited window of time to maximize efficient, effective CPA preparation. The momentum to study can dissipate as candidates start to work full time and their plates fill up with on-the-job deliverables. Passing the CPA Exam as soon as possible after graduation should be a core aim for an accounting graduate.

New book: How to start and advance in the accounting profession

A new book, Advice for a Successful Career in the Accounting Profession: How to Make Your Assets Greatly Exceed Your Liabilities, published by Wiley, sheds light on how to be successful at all levels within an accounting career — something that’s not readily discussed in the classroom.