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Practice Management Resources

We've got everything you need to run a small accounting practice — and useful information for firms of any size. Check below for members-only resources and education on succession planning, health care, sexual harassment and other human resources issues.

Practice Management Resources

VBOA/NASBA CPE Audit Tracker Service Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATE: As of July 16, 2019, courses taken with the VSCPA from July 1, 2019, on are syncing properly and should be reflected in the tracker. However, any courses taken with the VSCPA from March 4, 2019 – June 30, 2019 are not yet reflected in the CPE credits reported in the current reporting period.

Calculate the Real Cost of Catastrophe

If we have one job as CFOs, it’s protecting the value of our companies. One of the most insidious threats to corporate value is sudden disruption from events like fire, hurricane, flood, earthquake, or cyberattack — disruption that is ostensibly insured. The problem is, there’s always a portion of

A Brief Exercise to Spur Innovation on Your Team

Your business needs it, you ask employees for it, you incent them to deliver it, but in the end, do you really get it? I’m talking about innovation. When the Conference Board queried CEOs in 2018, it found that one of their most important concerns was “creating new business models to adapt to

Innovation for Small Firms on a Budget

A good practice for accounting firms of all sizes is to regularly assess your software choices to see if you can identify upgrades to provide a better experience for customers and increased productivity for team members. Swapping out one software for another may not feel like large-scale innovation,

Can Women Stay on the Partner and Flex Tracks?

Flexible work arrangements have become fairly common in accounting as firm leaders realize they have to provide CPAs options to balance long hours with their personal lives if they hope to retain and promote talented individuals. But despite the increasing prevalence of flexible work arrangements —

3 Tips to Reorganize and Strengthen Your Client Relationships This Summer

As we become a more technologically advanced society, the high value we place on human interaction has surprisingly remained intact. That’s why now more than ever, many financial companies are integrating human-centered strategies into their business models. From Capital One introducing banking

The Assumptions Employees Make When They Don’t Get Feedback

Feedback is a daily staple of my work as an executive coach. I am often giving direct feedback to the leaders I work with, sharing 360-degree feedback from the leader’s colleagues, and then helping them process and reflect on the feedback they receive. One piece of feedback that the executives I

4 Steps to Ensure a Return on Your Technology Investment

Accounting firms today have unprecedented levels of opportunities. Tax reform is driving demand for tax planning services, and advisory fees are outpacing traditional compliance work in larger firms. Many firms recognize that implementing the latest technologies is key to winning their share of

VBOA Completes Transition to Uniform License Expiration Date

All Virginia CPA licensees are on the same renewal cycle. Last year, the Virginia Board of Accountancy (VBOA) began transitioning to a uniform license expiration date of June 30. As of now, all individual and firm licenses expire that day each year, with renewal available at least 90 days before

Why We Need to Rethink 'Employer Brand'

Today, a strong employer brand is seen as a critical way to attract, engage, and retain the best people. At a time when top talent is highly mobile, those are certainly laudable goals. But is building a special, separate employer brand the way to achieve them? Read more at Harvard Business Review.