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Creating a Culture of Innovative Thinkers

By Karen Helderman, CPA, CISA, PMP Executive Director of Audit and Compliance Services Virginia Auditor of Public Accounts, Richmond Innovation skills are in high demand, but the number of people who would characterize themselves as innovators is not so plentiful. Why? We often view innovation

When Algorithms Make Managers Worse

One of the newest dilemmas for leaders in an age of AI is when and how to use algorithms to manage people and teams. AI, algorithms, and automation might allow you to manage more people at scale, but that doesn’t mean they will make you a better leader. In fact, quite the opposite may be true:

4 Strategies for Overcoming Change Fatigue

Eye rolls, short tempers, disengagement during group discussions and team meetings, and an increase in complaints. When your firm is working hard to transform and remain relevant in an ever-evolving profession, these signs of change fatigue can cause your initiatives to suffer. With all of the

Ways to Keep Your Talented CPAs

Holding on to good people is a challenge, especially in the accounting profession, where the demand for skilled CPAs is high. To help with that, many firms have policies on the books allowing employees to control their own schedules and shift away from the long, rigid workdays that for decades

How Departing Leaders Can Pass Along Their Wisdom to Employees

Earlier this spring I had the chance to witness two of the “farewell talks” that Ed Catmull gave to the people of Pixar. Catmull, the company’s cofounder and long-time leader (and also president of Disney Animation Studios since the Disney acquisition of Pixar over a decade ago) had announced his