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NASBA, AICPA Propose Revisions to CPE Standards

The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) proposed for public comment revisions to the Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education Programs, including adding adaptive learning for self-study programs. The standards

The Volatile Future of Social Media

Have you ever thought social media is a bit too, well, social? Craving a more personal experience? That’s what Shawn Boyer is betting on, and he offered an explanation why in the opening session at the VSCPA’s 2019 Business & Industry Conference this week at the Williamsburg Lodge. Boyer is the

Going All In on Change

As we reflect back on the end of another busy season of the accounting industry, we are left as always to reflect back on one simple question. Why is busy season always so hard? No matter what happens... software issues, tax law changes, late information, uncooperative clients, unreasonable

The Perfect Storm Is Coming for Our Profession

By Bill Reeb, CPA, CITP, CGMA Co-Founder and CEO, Succession Institute What a title...“The Perfect Storm is Coming for Our Profession!” This may sound overly dramatic. It also may sound very ominous. But it also may come across as somewhat hokey as well. However, I do believe the perfect storm is

When Algorithms Make Managers Worse

One of the newest dilemmas for leaders in an age of AI is when and how to use algorithms to manage people and teams. AI, algorithms, and automation might allow you to manage more people at scale, but that doesn’t mean they will make you a better leader. In fact, quite the opposite may be true:

4 Strategies for Overcoming Change Fatigue

Eye rolls, short tempers, disengagement during group discussions and team meetings, and an increase in complaints. When your firm is working hard to transform and remain relevant in an ever-evolving profession, these signs of change fatigue can cause your initiatives to suffer. With all of the

Everyone Hates Passwords. Good News: They're About to Die

If I walked up to you and said you never had to enter a password for any login ever again, you might throw your arms around me and act like it was V-J Day in 1945 in Times Square. Passwords are the grit in our digital oysters, and all the friction of creating them with arbitrary and outdated rules,

An IRS Revamp?

The last time Congress considered transformative revisions to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was in 1998. Now, two decades later, they’re taking another shot at it. H.R. 1957, the Taxpayer First Act of 2019, was passed with bipartisan support by the House in early April. It was placed on

Learning From the Disruptors

Over the last three centuries, virtually all major technological changes had their genesis in the industrial sector. Think of the dramatic economic transformations since Adam Smith’s provocative explanation in 1776 of how free enterprise creates wealth. The introduction of the steam engine in the 18

KPMG: Hard Evidence the CFO Role Is Getting Tougher?

Most CFOs likely would agree that the job has only gotten tougher in recent years. While that’s a subjective viewpoint, a new analysis may offer some objective evidence for the statement. Using publicly available information, KPMG studied the backgrounds and experience of the CFOs at 100 technology