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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives for Increasing the CPA Pipeline

Supporting a diverse stream of students and CPA candidates into the profession is a VSCPA priority.

The VSCPA is committed to promoting the benefits of the CPA profession for the next generation and ensuring the profession increases its diversity and remains vibrant for years to come.

Two of our bold strategies address this commitment:

  • Increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the profession.
  • Influence students to become CPAs.

A strong, diverse pipeline of future CPAs is critical to the profession’s success. These resources and programs help further our DEI efforts for students and the educators who serve them.

These initiatives and resources are just the beginning of the VSCPA's diversity and inclusion efforts. Find all of our initiatives in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resource Center. Questions about student or DEI programs or resources? Reach out to VSCPA Academic & Outreach Director Molly Wash.