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Simple Technology Tools For CPA Firms

April 14, 2020

While your staff is dispersed and working outside of the office, it is vital that you communicate regularly and have the tools to keep your business running as smoothly as possible. Here are several options to keep your business running efficiently. 

VSCPA Center for Innovation 

Team Communication & Collaboration 

  • Microsoft Teams: Teams is included with Office 365 subscriptions. If you have a subscription, you should be using Teams 

  • G Suite: Google Business Apps  G Suite is an integrated suite of secure, cloud-based collaboration and productivity apps powered by Google.  

Video & Phone Conferencing

Free or low-cost web-based video and phone conference services. All of these allow people to join by phone, tablet or computer and allow for screen sharing.  

  • ZOOM: Free accounts allow two or more people to meet for 40 mins at a time, low cost monthly options allow for up to 200 people.   

  • Google Hangouts: You must have a (free) Google account to use.  

  • WebEx: Cisco’s video and online conferencing solution.  

  • Apple Facetime: Only possible for Apple product to Apple product, but can be used on an iPhone, iPad or Apple computer.  

Project Management  

Free or low-cost, web based project management tools to keep you all on track and communicating.  

Document Sharing  

These are all web based document sharing options. Some are free and some are paid. Be sure to use a secure portal with encryption. Do not send documents with financial or other sensitive information via email. 

Budgeting & Financial Reporting Platforms

  • Sage: The market leader for integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems and a VSCPA partner. VSCPA members get 20% off for joining the Sage Accountants Network.

  • QuickBooks online is the web-based version of Quick Books. Access your accounting and payroll  anywhere you have an internet connection. QuickBooks Online is also able to take credit card payments.  

  • QuickBooks Online Apps: There are hundreds of apps that integrate with QuickBooks online that can help make your distance working easier for you and your clients.  Payroll and HR benefits, expense tracking, bill pay and more.  

Signing Documents  

  • Docusign: The tried and true online signature provider also now provides the “agreement cloud” so you can create and manage contracts online. 
  • Adobe Stamps: Adobe offers a free way to add a signature to a document. Sign your name on a blank piece of paper, take picture or scan it and you’re good to go. The instructions are linked. 

Scanning Documents  

  • ScanSnap Portable Scanners: The Fujitsu ScanSnap line is a high-quality option for portable scanning. Capable of feeding multiple sheets and duplex scanning, it is great for an on-site audit or your home office.  

  • Phone Camera:  In a pinch you can use your phone camera to create a PDF. There are many apps that do the job, but one free option is the Google Drive app.  Once installed, you can “add” a document using your phones camera. Remember, good lighting goes a long way! 

  • Home Printer: Many home printers have scanning functionality that you may have never used or been aware that it had. Check your model and install the manufacturers drivers. 

Taking Payments  

Software Solutions

  • Capterra: Customers can search Capterra.com for software solutions using specific criteria, as well as access reviews, pricing guides and other important resources. 

Cybersecurity & Business Protection 


Sometimes you need to send or receive a fax, but not all home offices have a fax machine.  

  • Check Existing Subscriptions: Many hosted VoIP solutions include eFax. Check to see if this is an option for you if you need it. 

  • Efax.com: Web-based fax platform that lets you send any digital document to a fax recipient. You can also have faxes sent to you that will be delivered directly to your email.