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Cybersecurity & Business Protection Resources

Ensure your business stays protected through the holidays, tax season and all year round! Check out the following members-only resources on how to make sure your business is secure, protect yourself from cyber intruders and fraud and more.

Cybersecurity Articles

Are Remote Workers a Cybersecurity Threat for Businesses?

As work-life and technology continue to evolve, a growing number of small business owners find themselves adopting remote work policies or “WFH” perks. However, their employees, who use company platforms and networks in popular locations such as coffee shops and airports, are more susceptible to the

Heads Up: Cybercriminals Are Businesspeople

When the hacker behind the Capital One data breach was presented in the media, she very much fit the eccentric cybercriminal stereotype. However, the truth is that she’s quite an outlier. Most cybercriminals operate in highly organized groups based abroad. They approach their work like any business

Why CPA Firms Should Self-Assess Their IT Legacy Infrastructure

A CPA firm that has experienced IT challenges driven by rapid change and growth should not run out and buy the newest, shiny hardware; hire an expensive IT director; or contract with a managed services partner — though the latter is likely a smart move at the right time. Before your organization can

Prepare Now for Next-Generation Cyber Threats

Public scrutiny of business leaders is at an all-time high, in part due to massive hacks and data breaches. It’s become progressively clear that hacked organizations will be blamed and held responsible for such events. Historically, the CFO hasn’t always been viewed as an integral member of the

Everyone Hates Passwords. Good News: They're About to Die

If I walked up to you and said you never had to enter a password for any login ever again, you might throw your arms around me and act like it was V-J Day in 1945 in Times Square. Passwords are the grit in our digital oysters, and all the friction of creating them with arbitrary and outdated rules,

Breach of Rust: How Hackers Break in Through Old Tech

In 2010, the infosecurity community identified an extremely sophisticated computer worm capable of propagating at an unprecedented rate and exploiting several previously unknown Windows zero-day vulnerabilities. Stuxnet, as the worm was infamously dubbed, proved that a malicious actor could directly

The Other Side of the Network

“It sounds sort of scary,” says Sam Srinivas, referring to the new approach to cyber risk management he’s helped develop at Google. “But it’s even more secure.” Hit by a wave of phishing attacks around 2009, the internet giant decided that, rather than merely bolster its firewalls and construct new

How to Do Passwords Right in 2018

Even in a world of face unlocking and fingerprint scanning, we still haven’t escaped the password just yet. They’re still a necessity and they’re still annoying to remember. There are now numerous browser features, third-party tools, and even hardware dongles designed to help keep your login