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CPAs in the Classroom

Ready set cpa 2019

As part of our commitment to help educate middle and high school students about the different career paths in accounting, the VSCPA launched a grassroots campaign called CPAs in the Classroom.

This initiative is a great way to grow your leadership skills and give back to your community! We now have two ways for you to get involved with CPAs in the Classroom— you can schedule your own visit like Brian tells us below or search existing opportunities near you. Scroll down to find out how you can get involved!

"I scheduled a classroom visit with a former high school teacher within 24 hours, and they were very excited to have an alumni speak to their business students. I would encourage all CPAs to take advantage of this program because teachers are looking for real world stories to share with their students."

— Brian Benson, CPA, VSCPA Member since 2017


Schedule A Classroom Visit 

Eager to get started now? Reach out to your local middle or high school and schedule your own classroom visit. Simply fill out the below form, so we know which school you're planning to visit. We've also compiled some helpful materials and resources that you can bring and share with your class. 


Search Existing Opportunities

We receive dozens of classroom visit requests throughout the year, and are always looking for volunteers. If you'd like to find a visit near you, click on the link below. If you don't see what you're looking for, simply update your volunteer profile by adding "CPAs in the Classroom" and we'll notify you when new opportunities become available. 

Are you an educator looking to inspire your students to learn about different career opportunities? 

Schedule a classroom visit with a VSCPA member and introduce your students to the opportunities that come with a career in accounting. Simply complete our online form, and we'll reach out to our members to help coordinate a class visit.