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What is the VSCPA PAC?

Formed in 1981, the VSCPA PAC (formerly the CPA PAC of Virginia) is a bipartisan committee that contributes funds to candidates who support CPA interests. 


  • Financially assists candidates and legislators who actively support CPA business issues — people we need in office to support the CPA profession.

  • Recognizes every contribution is vital to create maximum impact and give a clear, pro-business message to legislators — shaping our own tomorrow.

  • Passed a policy in 2004 pledging a contribution to any fellow VSCPA member who runs on a state or local ballot.

Support the VSCPA PAC

You can support the VSCPA PAC by contributing online.

How do we decide which candidates to support?

  • Virginia candidates only — local candidates if he or she is a CPA
  • Members of key committees in the Virginia General Assembly

  • Legislators who receive high business-interest ratings from the Virginia Foundation for Research and Economic Educational (VA FREE)

  • VSCPA member recommendations

  • Legislative counsel recommendations

  • Legislators who support CPA issues and attend VSCPA functions


How is the VSCPA PAC related to the VSCPA?

VSCPA PAC contributions help CPAs gain access to key legislators to keep them informed of important issues affecting the CPA profession. PAC contributions, in concert with strong advocacy efforts from the Virginia Society of CPAs (VSCPA), help ensure our voice is heard at the Virginia Capitol.

Together, we have:

  • Prevented legislation that would have created a Sarbanes-Oxley cascade effect in Virginia

  • Successfully advocated for an independent Virginia Board of Accoun­tancy

  • Supported legislation which simplified the accountancy code to allow for ongoing changes to accounting standards

  • Helped prevent a sales tax on professional services

  • Helped advance tort reform in Virginia, making it a business-oriented economy

  • Helped modify Department of Housing and Communi­ty Development requirements to protect CPAs from instructions that would have violated the Code of Conduct

We are currently:

  • Continuously advocating for tax conformity in Virginia
  • Supporting state legislation and similar efforts to require increased financial literacy education in Virginia
  • Monitoring all legislation that could possibly affect the CPA profession

What is the goal of the VSCPA PAC?

Advocating the business interests of Virginia's CPAs is one of the highest priorities of the VSCPA. The goal of the VSCPA PAC is to secure CPAs' scope of practice and enhance CPAs' business opportunities by helping elect candidates who support CPAs. VSCPA PAC funds are used for contributions to state and local legislators and candidates who support the interests of the CPA profession in Virginia.

For detailed information on activities of Virginia political action committees, visit vpap.org.