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Poll Everywhere

September 30, 2018

Poll Everywhere is a software that allows us to engage our audience at any location in real time. If you are interested in using Poll Everywhere throughout your session, please contact VSCPA Senior Director, Learning Linda Newsom-McCurdy, CAE, CMP, for more information.

To use Poll Everywhere:

1. Ask a question.
2. The audience answers in real time using a mobile device, Twitter or web browser.
3. See your responses live on the web or in a PowerPoint presentation.

How can people respond?

You can vote by following the instructions shown on the poll when it is displayed. The poll does not need to be displayed to actively receive votes, but it does need to be "started" by the presenter on the edit poll page. In the U.S., you send a text message to the number 22333 that contains a voting keyword such as "1234" or "blue."

You can also vote via your poll's web page on Poll Everywhere, via an embeddable voting widget, on a phone's web browser using PollEv.com or via Twitter.

How do I teach my audience to participate?

  • Explain it.
  • Address their concerns.
  • Build in a demo/practice poll.
  • Provide an explanation in writing on how to use.
  • Use this guide for more information.