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VSCPA Political Action Committee



Founded in 1981, the VSCPA Political Action Committee (VSCPA PAC) is a bipartisan committee that financially assists Virginia candidates and legislators who support CPA interests — people we need in office to support the CPA profession. VSCPA PAC contributions, in concert with strong advocacy efforts from the VSCPA, safeguard the future of the profession while giving CPAs a voice in the process.


  • Is led by the VSCPA PAC Board of Trustees.
  • Financially assists Virginia candidates and legislators who actively support CPA business issues.
  • Contributes to any fellow VSCPA member who runs on a Virginia state or local ballot.

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Take Action With VoterVoice

Want to help the VSCPA make an impact on issues impacting the profession, but don't have the time to draft a letter? The VSCPA has got you covered with its grassroots advocacy tool, VoterVoice.

Visit vscpa.com/VoterVoice to find pre-written emails on the topic in question, usually a bill currently before the Virginia General Assembly. (Don't worry — you can edit the email.) If we have your address on file, the appropriate legislators will be pre-populated.

The form will be set to the branch the bill is currently in front of, whether it's the House of Delegates, the Senate or the governor.