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Robert Nevill

Robert Nevill is an audit senior manager with Berman Hopkins Wright & LaHam, CPAs and Associates, LLP. He provides assurance services to clients from both the public and private sectors and is an accomplished financial business executive. He performs a variety of engagements for nonprofit, government, construction, health care and SEC clients.

Possessing several years of public accounting experience, Robert has shared with clients his expertise with economics, financial analysis, accounting and other disciplines. Recognized for enhancing client business processes, his background includes being responsible for all accounting activity at a multi-tiered real estate development company with an international parent, helping a company raise capital through new equity and primary debt facilities, and developing and implementing an accounting system for a start-up telecommunications company.

In addition to helping clients, Robert is known for presenting on a variety of topics. His speaking engagements have covered topics including fraud; employee benefit plans; construction-related matters such as the state of the industry, cost shifting, bid/spread analysis and underbilling issues; nonprofit communications; the top 10 auditor pet peeves; and OMB A-133 testing and sample size.