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Michael Platt

Mike Platt has been working with ?rms since 1985. As a past executive of two accounting ?rm associations, co-founder of AccountingWEB.com, and publisher of INSIDE Public Ac- counting, Mike has helped large local and regional ?rms across North America grow and thrive. Mike’s interest in working with the accounting profession is fueled by his desire to help professionals reach their potential. “My goal is to assist others see things di?erently, motivate them to do things di?erently, and provide ideas of how others like them have successfully overcome the obstacles that are common in professionals' lives,” say Mike. Mike’s 30-plus years of hands-on experience and interaction with ?rms gives him a unique perspective on what works and what doesn’t inside ?rms. Through insider conversations, surveys, presentations, and partner retreats, Mike focuses on fresh ideas, approaches and insider information for ?rms across North America. Mike’s specialties include: • ?nancial and operational analysis and benchmarking trends • innovations in practice management being utilized by successful ?rms • assisting partners in establishing and agreeing to a direction • engaging sta? in the future of the ?rm • increasing client service and satisfaction • establishing and ?ne-tuning the culture that the ?rm wants to build Mike and his wife, partner, Kelly are the publishers of the award-winning INSIDE Public Ac- counting, a leading newsletter focusing on practice management ideas and trends for the profession. They also publish the award-winning IPA National Benchmarking Report, the premier ?nancial and operational benchmarking tool for hundreds of CPA ?rms. Mike has been a top presenter delivering timely and relevant information and ideas that help business owners improve their businesses. Mike holds a Masters Degree in Business Admin- istration from George Washington University, with a concentration in Marketing.