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Kirstie Tiernan

Kirstie Tiernan, CFE, is a managing director in the Technology and Business Transformation Services department in the Chicago office of BDO with more than 15 years of experience providing data analytics, technology consulting and risk management services. A Certified Fraud Examiner and an Oracle Certified Associate, Kirstie assists clients with utilizing data across the organization from multiple sources, locations, systems, languages and functions.

Kirstie is experienced in managing big data analytics projects requiring the collection of entire ERP systems with experience in many accounting systems, including PeopleSoft, SAP and Oracle. Managing a team of database and data analytics experts, she provides clients with the necessary dashboards, statistical models and predictive analytics to turn data into information upon which key business decisions are made. Applying her expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Kirstie regularly works with clients to prevent and detect organizational fraud.

Kirstie approaches projects with a focus on process efficiency, regularly implementing technological advancements within systems and databases in order to improve and accelerate time-consuming client processes. She also incorporates strategic data analytics initiatives to assist litigants, claimants, investigators and auditors with creating decisive and definite reports and conclusions.