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Eva DeVirgilis

An activist for radical self-acceptance and female empowerment Eva DeVirgilis has gone around the globe speaking to women about ‘Ending the Apology.’ Her TEDxRVAwomen talk was named by HER Magazine as one of their "top six inspirational TEDtalks to help you change your life." 

She recently embarked on a global speaking and research tour to gather unique, inspiring and eye-opening perspectives from women on self-esteem, body image and the often unbearable burden of 21st century beauty standards. The tour was commissioned by the New Works division of Virginia Repertory Theatre and was the catalyst for her critically acclaimed solo-show In My Chair.
As a communication coach, Eva empowers thought leaders to communicate to their highest potential; providing high frequency communication consulting to business executives, authors, medical professionals and MBA programs.

As an actor, Eva studied under renowned actor Vincent D’Onofrio and credits D’Onofrio for teaching her craft.

She is known for her dynamic work in numerous multi-character solo-shows. 

NYTimes best-selling author David L. Robbins created the 23-character female track in the play SAM AND CAROL for Eva. She recently starred his latest world premiere, based on best-selling novel, THE END OF WAR. 

You've seen her on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Turn; Washington's Spies, Legends & Lies; The Patriots, along with numerous other TV, films and can currently be seen waxing comically in seven different commercials in the past year.