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Denise Appleby

Denise Appleby, APA, CISP, CRPS, CRC, owns and operates Appleby Retirement Consulting. With more than 10 years of experience in the IRA and defined contribution plans field, Denise has held several senior retirement plans-related positions with Pershing LLC, including vice president of Retirement Plans Products and Services, retirement plans manager and training manager. In addition, she has written more than 200 articles for many newsletters, including the Pershing LLC’s SixtySomething and The Pershing Press, Ed Slott's IRA Advisor and www.Investopedia.com. As well as writing, Denise has edited “Quick Reference to IRAs” by Gary Lesser and Don Levy (2003); “SIMPLE, SEP and SARSEP Answer Book” by Gary Lesser and Susan Diehl (Ninth Edition) and “Parlay Your IRA Into a Family Fortune” (Viking; 2005) by Ed Slott. Denise's wealth of knowledge in retirement plans led to her make appearances on CNBC's Business News and be quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, CBS Marketwatch's Retirement Weekly and other financial publications, where she gave insights on retirement planning. Her expertise and knack for explaining complex retirement plans’ rules and regulations, created a demand for her to speak at various conferences and seminars around the country as well as to provide training to staff of financial advisor firms around the country.