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Barry Duval

Barry DuVal is president and CEO of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. His public service began in 1988 when he was elected to the Newport News City Council. In 1990 he was elected Mayor of the city and served as Mayor from 1990 through 1996. Next, he served as the founding president and CEO of Hampton Roads Partnership, a regional organization designed to advance the economic interest of Southeast Virginia’s 1.6 million citizens. He then served as the Secretary of Commerce and Trade for the Commonwealth of Virginia. During his term, Virginia set new records of economic development with over 1,500 economic development projects representing 156,850 new jobs and $13.7 billion in private investment. Upon the completion of his term as the Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Barry served as president and CEO of Kaufman & Canoles Consulting, LLC, an economic development consulting firm specializing in public private partnerships and strategic planning for business, government agencies and municipalities.