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Peer Review Administrative Fees

Click here to pay your annual administrative fee. If you need help, please contact the VSCPA Peer Review Team at [email protected] or (800) 733-8272, option 4.

The VSCPA charges an annual administrative fee to each firm to cover the costs of program administration. These amounts have been designed to be sensitive to firm size. The current fees are as follows for all enrolled firms:

  • Sole proprietor, Engagement review: $310
  • Sole proprietor, System review: $400
  • 2–5 professionals, Engagement review: $600
  • 2–5 professionals, System review: $750
  • 6–10 professionals, Engagement review: $825
  • 6–10 professionals, System review: $1,100
  • 11+ professionals, Engagement review: $1,150
  • 11+ professionals, System review: $1,500
  • Inactive firm: $30

In addition, the AICPA has instituted a national peer review administrative fee, billed annually to support the peer review program's new and ongoing initiatives to drive audit quality. Firms that are subject to system reviews will be assessed the fee annually. The fee varies based on the number of CPAs employed by a firm, as follows:

  • Sole practitioner: $85 per year
  • Firms with 2–10 CPAs: $360 per year
  • Firms with 11–49 CPAs: $1,400 per year
  • Firms with 50–99 CPAs: $3,400 per year
  • Firms with 100–399 CPAs: $8,500 per year
  • Firms with 400–999 CPAs: $11,500 per year
  • Firms with 1,000+ CPAs: $17,000 per year

The number of CPAs on file is provided by each firm at the time of enrollment in peer review. If this information is no longer accurate, please contact the AICPA Peer Review Program at (919) 402-4502 or [email protected]

Please note: A professional is defined as all personnel who perform professional services for which the firm is responsible, whether or not they are CPAs (AICPA, Professional Standards, vol. 2, QC sec. 20.03, footnote 4).

These fees are separate from what a reviewer will charge for his or her services.