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TAX Identity Theft Precautions Could Delay Returns for Some Taxpayers

June 20, 2018

As part of its effort to combat identity theft and refund fraud, the Virginia Department of Taxation (TAX) is sending “Review of Return” letters to some taxpayers to verify withholding information. The precautions could delay the processing of tax returns. TAX said that processing returns after all requested documentation is received could take up to 8–10 weeks.

TAX stressed that receiving a letter does not mean a taxpayer is a victim of identity theft or that the return in question contains errors or missing data, only that the return was stopped for review. The department recommended the following actions for taxpayers who receive letters:

  • If the taxpayer did not submit an individual income tax return, he or she should check where indicated in the first paragraph of the letter and return it using the address or fax number provided.

  • If the taxpayer did submit a return, he or she should follow the instructions in the letter and submit all requested documents as soon as possible by fax or mail. TAX will continue processing returns once it receives all requested documents and confirms that the return is correct.

  • If the taxpayer filed a return and has already received a refund, or receives a refund before sending the requested information, TAX was able to verify the return through other means and no longer needs documentation. These taxpayers can disregard the letter.


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