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Educator Resources

Are you an educator looking for financial literacy curricula, tools and resources for your students? Let Virginia CPAs help! As part of our Financial Fitness campaign, the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA) offers a wealth of resources.

The VSCPA offers the following free resources to assist educators and students with financial management issues.


The VSCPA has developed several presentations that can be used in the classroom to educate students about basic personal finance topics as well as generate awareness about the importance of financial literacy.


The VSCPA and the CPA profession have several Web sites devoted to financial and business education, with resources for educators and students. Visit vscpa.com, financialfitness.org, 360financialliteracy.org, feedthepig.org, and startheregoplaces.com.

The Accounting Education Center is an online portal that provides educators with resources to enhance the accounting and business curriculum and to prepare students to become members of the CPA profession.

Articles & Publications

The VSCPA and the CPA profession produce numerous articles and publications to educate students and all audiences about money management topics.

Other Resources

The VSCPA has compiled a list of other educational resources, including links to curricula and materials, from reputable state and national organizations.