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Curtis C. Duke and Dr. Ruth Coles Harris Scholarship Fund donors

A sincere thank you to the founding donors to the Curtis C. Duke and Dr. Ruth Coles Harris Scholarship Fund. These individuals and organizations will help make a significant, life-changing impact on the lives of aspiring Black CPAs in Virginia. The donors listed are as of April 26, 2022. Every attempt was made to acknowledge all donors to the Curtis C. Duke and Dr. Ruth Coles Harris Scholarship Fund. If you see a discrepancy, please contact Molly Wash

It's not to late to contribute! Learn more here about the scholarship fund and to donate.

$10,000 and above

ERP International 
Virginia Society of CPAs


Barclay and Debra Bradshaw 
Paul A. Thompson, CPA 
R.A. Yates, CPA
Virginia Credit Union


Community Foundation for a
  Greater Richmond 
Michael Brunson Sr., CPA 
Henry Davis III, CPA 
Collin Granger
Grant Thornton 
Anne B. Hagen, CPA, CGMA, MBA
Hantzmon Wiebel LLP
James M. Holland, CPA  
Jennifer S. Lehman, CPA, CGMA
Kenneth E. Miller, CPA
Stephanie R. Peters, CAE  
Jim and Michele Phillips
Lawrence D. Samuel, CPA 
Laura A. Tate-Smith, CPA, MBA, CGMA
Truist Bank 
Virginia Credit Union 
Rawley H. Watson III, CPA 
Brian J. Wendroff, CPA, CGMA


Stephen J. Bennedetti
Timothy G. Benusa, CPA 
Tyrone E. Dickerson, CPA, MBA 
Richard E. Groover, CPA, MSA 

Tracey M. Lewis, CPA 
Krystal R. McCants, CPA 
Vivian J. Paige, CPA, MBA, MS, CGMA


Beth A. Bickford, CPA
Anthony B. Billue, CPA
James W. Brackens Jr., CPA, CGMA 
Carolyn D. Brown, CPA, MT 
Jeffrey L. Brugh, CPA, CGMA 
Diane T. Calderone, CPA 
Melinda N. Coley, CPA, MBA
George G. Crowell, CPA, CITP
Damon L. DeSue, CPA, CGMA 
Maureen Dingus, CAE
Cheryl A. Fields, CPA
Lisa Germano, CPA
John O. Greene II, CPA
John H. Hagen Jr., CPA
Peter C. Hill, Jr. 
April C. Johnson, CPA 
LaToya D. Jordan, CPA, CGFM
Nammy Lee, CPA, Ph.D. 
James L. Martin, CPA 
PRA Group
Brandi S. Seal, CPA 
Hemant K. Shah, CPA
Brenda I. Springer, CPA 
Christine B. Williamson, CPA
Donna P. Yenney, CPA

Up to $99 

Stacey Daniels-Fayson, CPA
Patrick O. Hagen, CPA
Yenny F. Harrell, CPA 
Jeffrey M. Lewis, CPA 
Tiffany M. McMillan, CPA, CGMA
Roy D. Peters, CPA, CGMA
Jennifer L. Steele, CPA
John J. Wall, CPA
Molly Wash, CAE