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Committees & Task Forces

The VSCPA has several committees and task forces devoted to improving the CPA profession in Virginia. The following is a list of select committees and task forces that have significant responsibilities for VSCPA governance, or a role in helping to influence standards and regulations affecting the CPA profession. To inquire about these, or any other committees or task forces, contact VSCPA Executive Assistant Julie Chamberlain. To join the volunteer pool or see all open volunteer opportunities, visit our volunteer directory in Connect online community.

Click here for VSCPA Board of Directors information and here for the VSCPA Educational Foundation Board of Directors roster. 

Accounting & Auditing Advisory Committee
This committee responds to exposure drafts and alerts the VSCPA staff to important changes in accounting and auditing regulations or interpretations, including governmental. The committee seeks feedback from VSCPA members on issues facing accounting and auditing professionals and may seek to form ad hoc groups to respond to specific exposure drafts and alerts requiring expertise in specialized areas.

Audit Committee
This Committee works with the VSCPA's auditor to ensure that the association's financial statements are accurate and representative.

Nominations Committee
The Nominations Committee consists of three past chairs of the Board of Directors, the current chair of the Board, the chair-elect and two at-large members who are not on the Board of Directors. The Committee nominates qualified members for officer and director positions, as well as elected members of AICPA Council.

Peer Review Committee
The VSCPA Peer Review Committee schedules reviews in Virginia and the District of Columbia, oversees the peer reviews administered and performed in Virginia and the District of Columbia, evaluates the results of the reviews and the need for corrective actions, and determines the need for, and carries out, monitoring procedures with respect to the completion of those corrective actions.

Professional Ethics Committee
This Committee investigates potential disciplinary matters involving members and arbitrates professional or ethical differences between VSCPA members. Responsibilities include investigating, initiating and conducting prosecutions before the Joint Trial Board and fielding inquiries regarding the Code of Professional Conduct or general ethics matters.

Tax Advisory Committee
This committee seeks feedback from VSCPA members on tax issues and provides information to the VSCPA on tax issues and legislation. This committee also conducts policy analysis and makes recommendations to the VSCPA Board of Directors on regulatory and legislative issues.

Young Professionals Advisory Council
The Advisory Council is made up of VSCPA members 35 years old or younger. The purpose of the Advisory Council is to be the voice of VSCPA young accounting professionals, while also providing extensive leadership opportunities. The Advisory Council is responsible for overseeing the efforts of the Young Professionals Membership & Networking Task Force and the Young Professionals CPE & Professional Development Task Force.