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VSCPA Diversity Month Q&A: Vishali Kachiraju, CPA

June 20, 2018

February is diversity month at the VSCPA, and the VSCPA is spending the entire month spotlighting the contributions of our diverse membership. Our next spotlight member is Vishali Kachiraju, CPA, a sole proprietor from Richmond.

Picture of Vishali Kachiraju

VSCPA: What led you to the accounting profession?
Vishali Kachiraju: I've loved numbers since I was a child, and later, I liked to interact with people with various backgrounds — working class, non-working class, businessmen, etc. —  and finally landed in public accounting, where I can interact with people of all walks of life. 

VSCPA: What do you find most fulfilling about your career?
VK: I can see many different businesses from the employer angle and employee angle. Sitting in a CPA chair, I feel like I know both sides of the coin. 

VSCPA:  Who are the role models and mentors have helped you the most in your life? In your career? 
VK: My dad, of course! He was a university librarian, and I feel he might have read all books in his library. He always gives me advice on how to deal with challenging situations in my profession and I always lean on him in case of need. 

VSCPA: How can the accounting performance ensure a diverse workforce in the future?
VK: I feel public accounting surely has a major role when it comes to diversity. As we see people from so many different countries coming to the United States every day, there will be surely a need for international expertise. Worldwide income declaration, foreign tax credits, etc., will have a major impact on the workforce. This profession is quite progressive with convenience and flexibility, so women, senior citizens, etc., can always have their role in this profession.

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