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VSCPA Mentoring Program

Receive the guidance and support you need to advance in your career
or become a mentor and pay it forward! 

Did you know that individuals who participate in a mentoring program advance in their careers faster than those who don't participate? A recent study showed:

  • Mentees are 5x more likely to be promoted than those without a mentor. 
  • Mentors are 6x more likely to be promoted compared to those who aren't mentors.
  • Both mentors and mentees were approximately 20% more likely to get a raise than people who didn't participate in a mentoring program.

However, only 37% of professionals have a mentor, and the VSCPA wants to change that. To help you thrive in your career, the VSCPA DEI Advisory Council’s Mentoring Task Force helped develop the mentoring program, free for all VSCPA members. The program will provide support and guidance to Virginia CPAs, accountants and aspiring CPAs and help solidify the success of our profession for years to come. 


  • Applications are open June 1 – July 31. 

  • Mentors and mentees are matched in September. 

  • Program starts in September and runs through April. 

  • Free for VSCPA members. You must be a VSCPA member to participate.

*At the VSCPA, we believe effective mentoring starts with a strong connection. We strive to match each applicant based on their individual needs and goals outlined in the application. However, due to the unique dynamics of mentoring relationships, it's important to understand that sometimes a perfect match may not be immediately available. Rest assured, we'll diligently continue searching for the ideal mentor who can support you on your journey or recommend you apply next year.

Not a VSCPA member? Click here to join today!  



  • Meet at least once a month, in person or virtually, even if it’s for a quick check-in. 

  • Participants will be asked to complete a survey at the end of the program. 

  • Opportunities for virtual and in-person networking events throughout the year for participants. 

For Mentees


  • Open to all VSCPA members, including aspiring CPAs, CPAs and non-CPAs.  

  • Will drive the relationship by initiating and maintaining regular contact with your mentor. 

  • Will take an active role in facilitating a professional relationship. 

For Mentors


  • Open to all VSCPA members who are CPAs and non-CPAs. 

  • Listen, provide insight, advice and feedback, and share your professional experiences and perspectives. 

  • Act as a resource of information about the profession. 




"I enjoyed the interactions and connections I had with my mentee and appreciated what she brought to the relationship. I mostly liked the freedom the mentee has in deciding how much or how little they choose to interact and connect.

Mentorship provides more than direction for a career. It provides clarity in life and making vital life-changing decisions. It provides a community and an environment of trust and belonging."

— Elizabeth Owusuwaa, CPA, mentee and mentor

Jeffrey Kum


"The mentoring program gave me a chance to learn from someone who has already traveled the path I'm about to take, which was one of the aspects I appreciated most. My mentor gave me a unique viewpoint and helped me avoid potential mistakes by sharing their personal experiences and lessons learned."

— Jeffrey Kum, CPA, mentee

Jake Green

"I love helping guide mentees. Particularly for the DEI space, we need to give younger minorities access to professionals within the field in order to have career guidance that benefits their authentic selves. Mentorship can be a transformative catalyst that propels college students and young professionals beyond their perceived limitations."

— Jake Greene II, CPA, mentor


Questions about the VSCPA Mentoring Program? Contact Molly Wash, CAE, VSCPA academic & diversity outreach director.