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Online Event Consulting & Delivery

Does your organization run online events? Have you wanted to get into the game but aren't sure where to start? Are you looking to enhance your virtual event offerings?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you've come to the right place. The VSCPA is pleased to offer online event consulting and delivery. Our services range from basic to more advanced services, with à la carte options to bring your event vision to life — with services ranging from $150–$250 per hour. Options include:

  • Event planning
  • Event rehearsal
  • Pre-event warmup
  • Live event support + dedicated technical support
  • Content sharing
  • Breakout room management

Click here for a detailed description of services including pricing (PDF).

Client testimonials

"Your whole team made this experience comforting, like we have done this many times before. It’s one thing to have a meeting in the same location, same sessions, same food, same logistics, same banter, but this was just the opposite. You made it “comforting” and assured confidence on getting the job done. What more could one ask for! You delivered, in my mind, 10 times over."

"The VSCPA went above and beyond to deliver a top-notch virtual two-day event for my committee. From beginning to end, the team heard my vision and produced exactly what I had in mind. I’d highly recommend it to all VSCPA members holding online events — no matter how large or small.
The VSCPA has been in the online event business for years, and their expertise saved me hours. Well done, team! I’ll certainly be calling on you again for future events."
— Lisa Germano, VSCPA member


Let's get planning

For more information, questions or a quote, please contact Amy Mawyer, VSCPA vice president, learning, at [email protected] or (804) 612-9422.