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2024 VSCPA Educational Foundation scholarship recipients

Congratulations to our 2024 VSCPA Educational Foundation scholarship recipients! As our ongoing commitment to support future CPAs, the Foundation awarded $72,000 in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral scholarships to 29 college accounting students. We wish these future CPAs the best of luck in their academic pursuits.  


VSCPA DEI Scholarship ($ 2,500)  
Jewook Jeong, George Mason University             
Linh Phan, George Mason University     
William Tolbert Koloko, George Mason University 
Karen Gomez, Virginia Commonwealth University 

VSCPA Legacy Scholarship ($2,500) 
Evan Segalman, University of Richmond 

VSCPA Past Presidents ($2,500) 
Sunny Singh, University of Virginia 

VSCPA Scholarship ($2,500) 
Cecilia Sun, Virginia Tech 
Cynthia Craig, Christopher Newport University 
Olivia Batten, Virginia Tech 

CST Group Scholarship ($3,000) 
Pranav Shah, University of Virginia 

Curtis C. Duke and Dr. Ruth Coles Harris Scholarship ($3,000) 
Tiandra Threat, Virginia Commonwealth University 

FORVIS Scholarship ($2,500) 
Max Borenstein, University of Virginia 
Trinity Kelso, University of Virginia 

H. Burton Bates Jr. Scholarship ($2,500) 
Lesley Davis, Virginia Commonwealth University 

Keiter Opportunities Scholarship ($2,000) 
Janine Powell, George Mason University 

Marty A. Einhorn Memorial Scholarship ($2,000) 
James Mills, James Madison University 

Michael E. Mares Scholarship ($2,500) 
Sydney Stallard, James Madison University 
Charlotte Galloway, University of Virginia 

MJW Scholarship ($2,500) 
Taylor West, University of Virginia 
Gavin Spath, University of Virginia 

Samuel A. Derieux, CPA, Memorial Scholarship ($2,500) 
Hayden Myers, Virginia Tech 

Thomas M. Berry Jr. Scholarship ($2,000) 
Alicia Li, Virgina Tech 
Francis Ding, Virginia Tech 
Ledya Keflu, Virginia Tech 

Verus Financial Partners Scholarship ($3,000) 
Rosie Hark, University of Richmond 

Austin M. Cloyd, Matthew G. Gwaltney & Maxine S. Turner Memorial Scholarship ($3,000)  
Mailyn Fernandez, Virgina Tech 

WEC Scholarship ($3,000) 
Ainsley Duff, Virginia Tech 

WellsColeman Empowerment Scholarship ($2,000) 
Injun Hwang, George Mason University 

YHB Scholarship ($3,000) 
Faye Izatt, Virginia State University