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VSCPA Culture: Our Core Values

The VSCPA mission is to empower our members to thrive. The VSCPA’s core values define the organizational culture that we strive to demonstrate in the way we work and the success we hope to achieve.

Like all exceptional companies, our focus is on people. People are at the center of who we are and why we exist. These are the values we live by and what staff, members, customers and others can expect when interacting with the VSCPA.

  • Deliver exceptional service to provide a high value and ensure a professional, positive experience
  • Be inspired by the amazing work we do and the difference we make to create a meaningful, fulfilling connection with the organization
  • Lead with our hearts and heads to obtain a balanced focus of putting people first and achieving results
  • Drive innovation and thrive on change to discover solutions, create new ideas and take smart risks that challenge the status quo
  • Demonstrate flexibility and agility to create work/life balance and the ability to be nimble and quickly adapt to ever-changing priorities
  • Promote a positive team and family spirit to foster a collaborative, supportive and inclusive environment and sense of community
  • Seek continuous growth and learning to promote curiosity and a lifelong desire to build future-forward knowledge and skills so we can remain relevant
  • Communicate openly and honestly to grow relationships and build trust through our candor, authenticity and transparency
  • Say what we think even when it’s uncomfortable to pursue what’s in the best interest of the organization, promote a diversity of perspectives and help our teammates succeed
  • Have fun and celebrate often to share in successes and failures as we strive for excellence, empowerment and continuous improvement

It’s easy to define our values and put them in writing, but harder to actually live them. It’s a continuous process, and we aspire to do our best and to hold each other accountable. At the end of the day, our mentality is to work hard, play hard and be kind to people. If we can do that, the rest will sort itself out.