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Virginia's Regulatory Landscape for CPAs 2024: What You Need to Know

Part of the Essential Ethics Suite Powered by the VSCPA

Join the VSCPA’s Emily Walker, vice president of advocacy, as she talks with leading experts in the accounting profession, Barclay Bradshaw, CPA; Nancy Glynn, CPA; and Toni Lee-Andrews, CPA; while they navigate the many different laws, regulations, and guidance that CPAs must understand and abide by while providing services to a company or the public as a licensed CPA in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

This course contains the foundation of what you need to know to maintain your license and make sound decisions while practicing every day.

Approved by the Virginia Board of Accountancy (VBOA) to fulfill your 2024 ethics requirement.

  • Designed for:
    • ​​​​Newly licensed CPAs (1–2 years)
    • Licensed CPAs needing a refresher on the laws, regulations and policies that govern the profession
  • Cost: $62 for individuals


Essential Ethics