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VSCPA2025: 4 Bold Strategies

June 14, 2018

Create a culture of learning

A thriving profession will require continuous learning, development and growth among all CPAs. The VSCPA is committed to infusing learning into all of our activities to enhance leadership skills and technical competencies of CPAs and elevate their ability to provide the highest value, influence and impact. From reimagining current programming and launching new delivery modes to evolving the physical learning environment, the VSCPA will carve a path for future-forward professional education for our members.

Drive innovation and vision

Technology and change drive our society, including the business environment, and CPAs must understand and embrace the latest innovations and cultural changes. The VSCPA is committed to empowering members with the knowledge needed to grow their innovative and visionary leadership. The VSCPA will not only help members adapt to rapidly changing technologies and shifting demographics, but also show how to best leverage trends to remain indispensable in the business climate of the future.

Influence students to become CPAs

A strong pipeline of future CPAs is critical to the profession’s success. The VSCPA will support new CPAs by educating and motivating the best and brightest students to make the profession their home. By collaborating with colleges to foster a CPA culture on campus and promoting accounting careers to younger students, the VSCPA will strive to ensure the profession remains viable in a highly competitive global workforce. 

Advocate for members' interests

Complexity, uncertainty and regulatory requirements are often roadblocks to CPAs’ success. The VSCPA will advocate for Virginia CPAs in legislative and regulatory arenas, protect their longstanding reputation and provide a unified voice to eliminate unnecessary challenges and barriers.