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Richmond CPA Center


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The VSCPA's headquarters is located in the Innsbrook business park, just 16 miles west of downtown Richmond and accessible from all major interstates. The facility is situated on a three-acre wooded lot and has all the resources you need for a successful event, including:

  • Wireless Internet access
  • A well-lit, spacious lobby with comfortable chairs and easy-to-use tabletop desks for note-taking and/or laptop/tablet use
  • Four classrooms that can accommodate up to 100 people
  • Ample parking
  • And more

The CPA Center is the perfect choice for your group's meeting space needs! Our staff would be happy to talk to you about reserving a meeting space. Email [email protected] for more information.

For detailed Center rental information, visit the links below:

    Floor Plan | Top

    floor.jpg (18424 bytes)  

    Layout Options | Top



    Square Feet

    School Room

    Open U

    Hollow Square

    Board Room 


    20' x 28'


    1624 people

    1217 people

    1420 people

    1416 people


    12' x 10'






    C or D

    21' x 34'


    2535 people

    2131 people

    2032 people



    34' x 42"


    4263 people

    3041 people

    3852   people




    34' x 62'


    70100 people

    4180 people

    4690 people



    Room Rates | Top

    Rooms A & B


    Room C


    Room D


    Rooms C & D


    Rooms A, B, C & D


    VSCPA members receive a 10% discount on room rental only.

    All rates are based on 8-hour rentals.  

    Room Setups | Top

    All rooms will be arranged classroom style. If your group requires one of the following other options, there will be an additional charge for room setup, and two weeks notice is required.

    • Open U
    • Hollow square
    • Board room

    Audio/Visual | Top

    Lectern (table-top)

    No charge

    Wireless Internet access

    No charge

    Food & Beverage | Top

    The VSCPA does not offer food and beverage service. For a list of outside caterers, click here. You are not required to choose from this list, but these caterers are familiar with the VSCPA facilities. Should alcoholic beverages be provided for your group, the VSCPA requires the use of a licensed bartender. If food and/or beverages are brought into the facility, all trash from the food and beverages must be cleaned up by the renter or caterer. It will be the renter's responsibility to ensure that no trash is left in the meeting rooms or the lobby area. If additional trash bags are needed, please notify a staff person. A cleaning fee will be assessed if these policies are not adhered to.

    Other Fees | Top

    If necessary, there will be an excessive clean-up charge of $75.00 added to your invoice.