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Policies & Procedures

September 30, 2018

All reservations and agreements are made upon and subject to the rules and regulations of the CPA Center, hence referred to as the Center, and the following conditions:

Rental Hours
Room Setups
Food & Beverages

Music & Special Equipment
Public Space
Emergency Exits
Climate Control
Staff Assistance
Responsible Party

Rental Hours | Top

Effective Sept. 19, 2013 — Rental hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday.

Room Setups | Top

All rooms will be arranged classroom style. If your group requires one of the following other options, there will be an additional charge for room setup.

  • Open U
  • Hollow square
  • Board room

Food & Beverages | Top

The VSCPA does not offer food and beverage service. For a list of outside caterers, click here.  You are not required to choose from this list, but these caterers are familiar with the VSCPA facilities. Should alcoholic beverages be provided for your group, the VSCPA requires the use of a licensed bartender. If food and/or beverages are brought into the facility, all trash from the food & beverages must be cleaned up by the renter or caterer.  It will be the renter' s responsibility to ensure that no trash is left in the meeting rooms or the lobby area. If additional trash bags are needed, please notify a VSCPA staff member. A cleaning fee will be assessed if these policies are not adhered to.

Audio/Visual | Top

You may elect to bring audiovisual equipment; however, the VSCPA staff is not available to help with loading or setup of outside equipment. Additionally, the VSCPA is not liable for damage or loss, as stated in the "Damages/Security" section.

Guarantees | Top

An estimate maximum attendance must be given when the original booking occurs. The final guarantee must be given two weeks prior to the date of your function. This number is the total number of people using the room including guest speakers, instructors, etc.

The VSCPA reserves the right to limit the occupancy of the Center conference rooms. If attendance exceeds the maximum occupancy for the booked room, the VSCPA reserves the right to enforce the maximum occupancy rules.

Rental space is allocated based on expected attendance at the time of the booking by the Patron. The VSCPA reserves the right to change the space allocation dependent on the final guarantee of attendance. Should your group desire a larger meeting room than the group number commands and space is available, the additional room fee will be charged.

Billing | Top

The VSCPA will direct bill for all functions at the end of each month to the address requested upon booking the Center. The total balance is due upon receipt of the invoice.

Rental fees are subject to change without written notice, but will not be altered for a particular function once the Patron and the VSCPA have confirmed in writing the booking of the Center.

Cancellations | Top

 We would appreciate early notice of your group's cancellation. If you do need to cancel, the following penalties will be applied. Cancellations made:

6 months prior to event 10% of room rental fee
2 ndash;5 months prior to event 25% of room rental fee
3060 days prior to event    50% of room rental fee
Less than 30 days prior to event 100% of room rental fee 

Damages/Security/Storage | Top

The Patron agrees to be responsible for any damages done to the premises or any other part of the Center by the Patron, his/her guests, employees or any other agents during the period of time such person(s) are under the Patron's control, or the control of any independent contractor hired by the Patron.

The VSCPA will not assume any responsibility for damages or loss of any merchandise or articles left in the Center prior to, during or following the Patron's function.

The Society will not store material for presentations at the CPA Center.

Music & Special Equipment | Top

The Patron must have prior approval for all details of the entertainment, music and/or any special arrangements from the Center. No special equipment that has not been approved of or arranged for by the Center will be permitted, including but not limited to any materials that are to be affixed to the walls. In the event this is done without our authorization, any damages will be billed to the Patron.

Public Space | Top

As we often have many activities going on at the same time, please keep the door closed during the meeting and confine all meeting activities to the allocated meeting room. Please respect the "Employees Only" signs.

If any excessive clean-up is necessary after your meeting, a minimum $75 fee will be added to your invoice (based on damages). To avoid this, please make use of the trash cans provided throughout the building. If the cans are overflowing, a VSCPA staff member should be notified.

VSCPA functions are given priority in the allocation of the meeting facilities. Facilities will be rented accordingly.

Smoking is not permitted in the building.

Emergency Exits | Top

Each large meeting room has its own marked outside exit, which should be used only in the event of an emergency. If it becomes necessary to evacuate the building, please assemble at the back of the parking lot.

Climate Control | Top

Please check with VSCPA staff if you need to adjust the temperature.

Staff Assistance | Top

To receive assistance, please have your Event Contact notify the receptionist who will assist you or call Diane Jones at (804) 612-9415.

Responsible Party | Top

All functions must be sponsored by a person (the Patron or Contact) who must be directly responsible to the Center for making all of the arrangements and for the billing thereof, and should be in attendance. If this person is unable to attend, there should be an on-site contact designated on the Event Order. These contacts will be the only people authorized to approve any changes from the specifications on the Event Order.

Agreement | Top

By signing and returning the Event Order, the Patron hereby agrees to these policies and procedures. Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of the VSCPA to complete the same, and is subject to any causes, whether enumerated herein or not, which are beyond the control of the VSCPA. In no event shall the VSCPA be liable for the loss of profit or other similar or dissimilar collateral or damages, whether based on breach of contract, warranty or otherwise.