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Taxpayer Resources

Are you looking for tax season resources? Need answers to your tax questions? Let Virginia CPAs help! As part of its Financial Fitness campaign, the Virginia Society of CPAs (VSCPA) Tax Resource Center provides a wealth of tax resources, including free online tax advice, frequently asked tax questions, Virginia and federal tax information with links to download forms, and financial planning articles for individuals and business professionals.

VSCPA Tax Help Programs

  • NBC 12 Tax Call-In Program —Watch NBC 12 for a live call-in program. Call (804) 345-1212 or (800) 733-2812 to speak directly with a CPA expert and get free answers to your tax questions.  

VSCPA Tax Resources

  • Tax Season Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  — The VSCPA provides a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions from Virginia taxpayers. Get answers to general tax questions, including student, dependent and homeowner issues.
  • Tax Checklist — Here are some of the common and lesser-known sources of taxable income to help you accurately complete your tax return.
  • Smart Ways to Spend Your Refund — The VSCPA offers tips on using your tax return wisely.

Tax Articles & Links

  • Money Management Articles — These articles provide financial advice and information for individuals and small businesses. Topics include tax planning, personal finance, retirement and estate planning, saving for college, investments, running a small business and more.

Additional Tax Resources

  • Why Use a CPA? — The VSCPA developed this free online publication to help you learn about the different services CPAs provide, how to choose a CPA to meet your needs, what CPAs charge and more. 
  • Find a CPA — Through our free online database, the VSCPA helps connect you with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in your geographic region that can best meet your financial and business needs.
  • 360Taxes — This interactive website, developed by the American Insitute of CPAs (AICPA), features tax articles, calculators, FAQs, resources for choosing a CPA, and CPA-written tax blogs.
  • Virginia Taxpayer Bill of Rights (PDF) — This booklet outlines your rights in contacts with the Virginia Department of Taxation, and contains a wealth of information on the role of  the Taxpayer Rights Advocate, collections and audit processes and appeals forms and instructions.