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Tax Season Tweets

Below are tweets from the VSCPA and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) that you can use for social media engagement during tax season to increase your visibility in the tax services arena and also build or reinforce relationships. Feel free to repurpose for other social media channels as well. If you are not a member of a firm, please feel free to substitute your individual Twitter handle for @Firmname.

Tax Deductions/Credits

Planning a big move? Don’t miss the opportunity to deduct your moving expenses. @Firmname has the details. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

No health insurance? Prepare for steep penalty this year - $325/adult. Let @Firmname help you. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Facing big medical bills? If they are more than 10% of your income, they may be deductible. Ask @Firmname how. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Feeling burdened with student loans? @Firmname may help lift your spirits with a tax deduction for the interest! #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Thinking of donating an old computer or printer? Make sure your donations qualify for a tax benefit. @Firmname can help #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Did you use your personal auto for business last year? @Firmname can help you determine if you have a tax deduction. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Still paying those student loans? You may be able to reduce your taxable income by up to $2,500. Ask @Firmname. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Daycare costs got you down? Maybe @Firmname can perk you up with a tax credit. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Income too high for child care credit? Ask @Firmname about setting aside funds pre-tax. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Did you know the IRS allows a deduction for miles driven while performing charitable work? Ask @Firmname how. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Hate paying the AMT? Talk to @Firmname about how to minimize your exposure and get credit for prior taxes paid. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

If you are a high earner and changed jobs, you may have overpaid your Social Security tax. Ask @Firmname how to get it back. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Did you clean out the garage last year? Remember to give @Firmname those receipts for any items donated. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

It’s never too late to go back to school. If you do, call @Firmname to find out how to get a tax benefit from the costs. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Keep your receipts for any large purchases, you may get a tax deduction. @Firmname can show you how. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA


Saving for retirement? If so, you may qualify for a tax credit. Allow @Firmname to explain more. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Over 50? Aim for the max $6,500 in IRA contributions in 2015! Ask @Firmname about other smart things to do. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

When does the IRS require you to take distributions from your IRA? Ask @Firmname for guidance. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Does it make sense to convert your traditional IRA into a Roth? If so, when? @Firmname can help you decide. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

You want to retire early, but how? Max out your 401(k) ($18,000 in 2015) & talk with @Firmname for other ideas. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

The IRS requires taxpayers to take pension distributions at a certain age. Don’t pay penalties. @Firmname can help. #CPA360Tax  #VSCPA

Starting at age 50, you can contribute up to $24k to your 401(k). Chat with @Firmname to plan your future now. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Will you take Social Security benefits now or later? Let @Firmname help you weigh your options. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Tax Planning/Minimization — NIIT, AMT and More

Single filers start losing itemized deductions at $259,400 in 2015. Act now to lessen the tax bite. Talk to @Firmname. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Itemized deductions start phasing out for joint filers at $311,300 in 2015. Talk to @Firmname to minimize the pain. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Kids returning to school this fall? Start a tax-free education savings account. See @Firmname for more ideas. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

How will the Medicare tax affect you if you sell your home this year? Ask @Firmname. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Did you know the Medicare tax hits those who file separately if income is over $125k? Get more info from @Firmname. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Considering a big purchase? Let @Firmname help you decide if it makes tax-sense to do it now. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Property tax statement arrived? Hold off paying until you discuss with @Firmname as it may trigger the AMT. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

When is a good time to sell that stock? Ask @Firmname how timing matters with capital gains. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Did you refinance your mortgage last year? Bring @Firmname the paperwork to find all of your deductions. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Did you suffer a casualty loss last year? @Firmname may ease the pain with a tax deduction. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Purchase an RV or summer home? Let @Firmname explain the tax benefits if handled properly. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Was your kid and your money at summer camp while you worked? You may be able to get a tax credit on this year’s return. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Should you adjust your income tax withholding? Don’t delay! Talk to @Firmname. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Don’t head into the year-end without reviewing your tax withholdings with a CPA. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Are you taking advantage of all employer-provided tax benefits? @Firmname can review your benefits and make suggestions. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Self-employed? You may be able to deduct all health insurance costs & your spouse’s too. Ask @Firmname for more info. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Struggling to make business decisions when deductions are in limbo? Let @Firmname advise you on whether to wait or act now. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Ask @Firmname how new tax regulations may allow you to write off old building components this year. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Will your new business purchase qualify for first-year expensing? Don’t guess! Ask @Firmname for expert advice. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

IRS has new rules for major business expenses and improvements – call @Firmname before you call the contractor! #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Is your business subject to new health insurance requirements? Don’t guess, ask @Firmname. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

If your small business provides health insurance, up to 50% of costs may be reimbursed –rules apply. Talk to @Firmname. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Higher taxes cut into your bottom line last year? Talk to @Firmname about what you can do now to lower your tax bill. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Ready to grow your business? Then put down that ledger and talk to @Firmname about bookkeeping services. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Are your books and records in order? Ask @Firmname for guidance. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Working from a home office? Make sure to get the full tax benefit. Ask @Firmname how. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Did you capture all business expenses? How about business use of your personal vehicle? Ask @Firmname about options. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

When does the IRS place limits on business deductions? Make sure you are compliant by visiting @Firmname. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Is your business structure providing the best tax outcome? Time to visit @Firmname for an analysis. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Are your kids working in your business? Don’t miss out on the many tax benefits. Discuss with @Firmname. #CPA360Tax #VSCPA

Are you keeping business and personal expenses separate? Ask @Firmname how to avoid IRS scrutiny #CPA360Tax #VSCPA