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We Need Your Help to Keep Tax Conformity Moving


Emergency legislation which includes tax conformity has been introduced ahead of the 2019 General Assembly session. But we still need your help to make sure we get this vital issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Numerous bills that include both tax conformity and tax policy elements, including HB 1851, HB 1980, SB 1211 and SB 1225, have been introduced. We support getting conformity done as quickly as possible, but we do not have a position on policy reforms. As such, we do not have a position on any of these bills. Simply put, we need to get conformity passed as quickly as possible. Click here for our complete list of tax conformity resources and news.

We need you to use our VoterVoice tool to contact your legislators while pushing your clients to contact theirs. The following resources can help you get the word out to your clients:

Simply put, not getting conformity passed quickly would be a disaster for Virginia's taxpayers. A lack of conformity will have cascading effects that will increase the complexity, delay and, potentially, cost of filing tax returns. We must present a unified voice on this crucial issue. Thank you for your support.