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VSCPA Recognizes 58 40-Year Members

June 5, 2019

For Immediate Release 
Contact: David Bass 
(804) 612-9440 
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Richmond (May 29, 2019) — The Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA) is pleased to honor 58 members with its 40-Year Member Recognition. The VSCPA’s 40-Year Member recognition honors individuals who have been members of the Society for more than 40 consecutive fiscal years.  

“We truly value the time that these members have had with us and the contributions they make to the VSCPA. It is because of the expertise and participation of these members that our community is so rich,” said VSCPA President & CEO Stephanie Peters, CAE. “By sharing their time and talent with us, they help us to continue to grow and protect the CPA profession in Virginia — now and for years to come.” 

Members were honored with the 40-Year recognition at the 2019 Virginia CPA Honors & Awards Dinner on May 16 at the Richmond Delta Hotel in conjunction with the VSCPA Leaders’ Summit where each was awarded a certificate. 

The following members were recognized with 40 years of consecutive years of membership:  

  • James M. Albano Jr., CPA, of Marion 
  • Debra M. Allen, CPA, of Lynchburg 
  • Frank E. Baar, Jr., CPA, CGMA, of Moneta 
  • Steven L. Barley, CPA, CGMA, of Richmond 
  • Charles A. Bish, CPA, of Fairfax 
  • Eugene C. Brockwell, CPA, of Richmond 
  • Richard S. Burke, CPA, of Richmond 
  • F. Thomas Carmine Jr., CPA, MBA, of Newport News 
  • James D. Cavanaugh, CPA, of Arlington 
  • Melanie B. Clements, CPA, of Sterling 
  • William E. Colesar Jr., CPA, of Richmond 
  • Gregory J. Cooley, CPA, CFP, of Charlottesville 
  • Alan Altschuler, CPA, of Newport News 
  • G.M. Cundiff, CPA, of Winchester 
  • Bruce H. Elliott, CPA, of Berkeley Springs, W.Va 
  • Harry L. Fagan, CPA, of Yorktown 
  • David B. Flester, CPA, of White Stone 
  • William J. Foster, CPA, of Danville 
  • Hunter B. Frischkorn III., CPA, of Richmond 
  • Gary A. Gilmore, CPA, of Virginia Beach 
  • John S. Goode, CPA, of Richmond 
  • Charlotte H. Goodson, CPA, of Round Hill 
  • William L. Graham, CPA, CGMA, of Glen Allen 
  • David F. Graling, CPA, of Bethesda, Md. 
  • Jerry W. Holleman, CPA, of Chesterfield 
  • Jan S. Hoover, CPA, of Fisherville 
  • Michael W. Johnson, CPA, CVA, of Roanoke 
  • Steven W. Jones, CPA, of Virginia Beach 
  • Alan E. Kliner, CPA, CGMA, of Roanoke 
  • Gregory F. Lawson, CPA, of Hampton 
  • Randolph E. Lee, Jr., CPA, MBA, of Bethesda, Md. 
  • George J. Lex III., CPA, CGMA, of Bristow 
  • William J. Martin, CPA, of Charlottesville 
  • Joseph S. Mastaler Jr., CPA, CGMA, of Fairfax 
  • Warren J. McKeon, CPA, MBA, FHFMA, of Midlothian 
  • John A. Merchant, CPA, CFE, CFF, of Glen Allen 
  • Garland W. Nichols Jr., CPA, MBA, of Virginia Beach 
  • William K. Oliver, CPA, of Virginia Beach 
  • Mark D. Poteet, CPA, of Kinsale 
  • William A. Prince, CPA, of Norfolk 
  • George J. Reed, CPA, of Delaplane 
  • George Wayne Riegel Jr., CPA, of Midlothian 
  • Stephen D. Semancik, CPA, of Abingdon 
  • Thomas J. Shaughnessy, CPA, CFF, of Manassas 
  • Daniel L. Shaw, CPA, CFP, CFE, of Vienna 
  • Robert P. Speece, CPA, of Norfolk 
  • Dennis L. Staples, of Fort Myers, FL 
  • Mary E. Szpanka, CPA, of Reston 
  • Jan E. Thompson, CPA, of Haymarket 
  • Thomas G. Turner, CPA, CGMA, of Raleigh, N.C.  
  • Richard A. Ungerer of Moneta 
  • Thomas J. Vadnais, CPA, of Alexandria 
  • Steven B. Walters, CPA, of Virginia Beach 
  • David C. Warren, CPA, of Salem 
  • Karen M. Whelan, CPA, of Richmond 
  • Elise H. Wilkins, CPA, of Warrenton 
  • Ronald S. Wilkinson, CPA, of Danville 
  • Alan S. Witt, CPA, CGMA, of Newport News 

The Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA) is the leading professional association in the Commonwealth dedicated to empowering CPAs to thrive. Founded in 1909, the VSCPA has more than 13,000 members who work in public accounting, industry, government and education. For more information, please visit the Press Room on the VSCPA website at vscpa.com, email [email protected] or call (804) 612-9440.  


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