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User Guide for the New VSCPA com

October 12, 2018

Welcome to the new VSCPA.com! With powerful and mobile-friendly new features, we hope it's easier for you to find what you're looking for, manage your membership, register for education and access your personalized content. 

Want to get to know the new vscpa.com? Need help logging in or navigating the new site? On this page you’ll find quick and easy tutorials that will help you get started on the website. 

We hope you’ll find the new site easy and intuitive to use. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or (804) 270-5344. Happy browsing!


VSCPA.com Users Guide & Tutorials

Login and Password Reset Tutorial

To reset your password:

  • Click the “Log In” icon
  • Click ”Reset Your Password”
  • Enter your email address into the field and click “Submit”
  • Check your email for a message titled "Password Reset Was Requested" 
  • Click the link in the email to update your password and profile 

To check if you have a vscpa.com account: 

  • Click “Log In”
  • Click “Create Account”
  • Complete the form
  • If you get a message that your email address is already in use, abandon the form
  • Click “Reset your password” and follow the instructions for resetting your password.

Navigation Tutorial

Here’s how to get around the new vscpa.com:

The four icons at the top of the screen: Menu, Log In, Cart and Search can get you basically anywhere and you can get to most of the site’s content from the Menu icon itself, as it contains links to the major areas — Learning, Membership, Resources, My CPE,etc. 

Cart accesses your shopping cart and is where you can begin the checkout process. The numeral indicator in the icon will update for each course, contribution, membership renewal or application you add to it.

On to the menu. Clicking the icon will expand it to fill your screen — clicking it again will close it — and clicking the topic names or arrows on the left will expand the sections of the menu. With the redesign, we’ve consolidated some menu choices, notably combining advocacy, chapters, volunteer opportunities and donations to the VSCPA Educational Foundation and VSCPA Political Action Committee (VSCPA PAC) in the “Get Involved” menu. The rest is fairly similar to the old site.

The right side of the menu offers commerce and account-related links, as well as our Career Center and more links to the Foundation and the PAC. Firm administrators will find a link to their position-specific resources here, and if you've taken CPE with us, you can find your history and upcoming courses at the My CPE link at the top of the right-hand menu.

Site Search Tutorial

Search allows you to search all the great courses, programming, resources, benefits and content the VSCPA has to offer. Note that when you scroll down the page, no matter what page you’re on, the icons will scroll with you, as will the VSCPA logo at the top middle of the screen. Clicking that will take you back to the homepage. 

My CPE Tutorial


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