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Tax Conformity Is in Peril

January 21, 2019

In most years, tax conformity legislation would have gotten a hearing in committee by now and possibly even had a reading on the House and Senate floors. But as of now, the bills before the General Assembly haven't gotten a hearing, and there's no indication of when that might happen. Even if you have previously reached out, please contact your legislators immediately to urge them to take action on conformity as soon as possible so that tax season can proceed timely.

We've updated our conformity campaign on our VoterVoice tool to reflect our support of three standalone conformity bills (HB 2355, SB 1320 and SB 1372). These bills do not include tax policy changes, which could complicate and delay voting. However, our main priority is getting conformity passed as quickly as possible. If that means one of the conformity bills which also contains policy reforms can get the necessary votes, we will not oppose it.

We need you to use our VoterVoice tool to contact your legislators while pushing your clients to contact theirs. The following resources can help you get the word out to your clients:

As a reminder, a lack of conformity will have cascading effects that will increase the complexity, delay and, potentially, cost of filing tax returns. The swift passage of conformity legislation is crucial to a positive tax season. Please contact your legislators today and encourage them to pass conformity as quickly as possible.