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New Communities on Connect

December 21, 2018

We’re excited to share two new communities and opportunities for peer to peer learning on Connect! Take a few minutes to learn what they’re all about and be sure to join to stay up to date on the latest discussions!

Innovation Community: As part of the VSCPA Center for Innovation, we launched the new Innovation Community on Connect. This is a resource to share technology, talent, innovation & culture questions and ideas with your peers. Bounce ideas off each other, talk through concerns or just get a recommendation for a new technology! You can join the new Innovation Community by clicking here and selecting the purple “Join Community” button on the right hand side.

Policy Community: We saw your feedback and created a new community specially for you to discuss policy issues. The goal of this community is to create a forum for members to share ideas and feedback about needed policy changes, such as tax reform. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and ideas and plan to pass along your feedback to the appropriate policymakers. Don't worry, we won't include your name unless you ask us to. You can join the new Policy Community by clicking here and selecting on the purple "Join Community" button on the right hand side.