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XChange Peer Learning Program — May 2019 — Richmond, Va. & online

Leaders' Summit (invitation only) — May 16–17, 2019 — Richmond, Va. 

Business & Industry Conference — May 20–21, 2019 — Williamsburg, Va.

Business & Industry Conference (simulcast) — May 20–21, 2019 — online

Technology & Innovation Showcase — November 11–12, 2019 —  Richmond, VA 




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CFI Technology Resources

Work Is About Results, Not Location

Cloud and mobile technologies have catapulted us into an anytime/anywhere work environment. We’re no longer bound by the four walls we call an office to check things off our to-do lists. It’s a significant shift because it means work is now entirely about what you do, not where you do it. Read more

Is Tax Reform Spurring Companies to Use Robots?

More companies are finding more uses for robots, a broad trend that certainly will further expand. Many factors explain it — including a perhaps surprising one: the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. A key provision of the tax reform law allows companies to deduct 100 percent of the cost of equipment in the

The CFO’s Crucial Role in Digital Transformation

All signs point to a tsunami of digital opportunities washing over big companies this year and beyond. It’s already forcing a profligacy of spending on artificial intelligence, Internet of Things embedded wireless sensors, and other technologies emanating from digital R&D labs everywhere. In fact,

FASB Changes Accounting for Episodic TV Series

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued an accounting standards update (PDF) to adjust the way companies account for the production costs of films and episodic content produced for TV and online streaming services. In recent years, FASB noted, the entertainment industry has undergone