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Financial Fitness Resources & Publications

Through its Financial Fitness initiative, the VSCPA offers a wealth of resources, articles and publications to improve the financial health of Virginians.

Financial Articles

The VSCPA offers Money Management articles in partnership with the American Institute of CPAs that provide financial advice and information for individuals and small businesses. Topics include personal finance, retirement and estate planning, saving for college, investments, running a small business, income taxes and more. Virginia news media, nonprofits, state agencies, schools, businesses and VSCPA members are granted reprint permission and may download the articles and tailor to suit your needs.

Budgeting Template & Spending Guide

If your personal finances need a diet, use this budgeting template to help prepare your spending plan. This easy-to-use template will assist you with determining your income, estimating your expenses and adjusting your spending to the income available.

Financial Brochures

The VSCPA offers a variety of free brochures to the public on personal and business financial topics. View and download copies online or request your copies today!

Financial Fitness Quiz

How healthy are your finances? Take this Financial Fitness check-up quiz to test your financial know-how. Are you newly engaged or married? Take this couples and marriage quiz to test your financial compatibility.