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VSCPA WOWbinar: Innovation Series - Five Tips for Making Better Decisions in a Connected World

  February 17, 2021 from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
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VSCPA membersLicensed CPAs and individuals working in the accounting profession.




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The Center for Innovation is excited to bring you WOWbinars, a series of FREE webinars that focus on talent and technology topics. Our robust lineup of speakers include Center for Innovation partners and thought leaders who will leave you inspired to innovate. Register online and gain new skills on how to lead, innovate and do business. Each webinar offers up to 1 CPE credit.

This FREE webinar is just for VSCPA members.

Continuous connection has been a profound and disruptive force in our world over the past two decades. While many benefits are obvious, as is often the case with disruptive change, there is a dark side much more difficult to see. This presentation will focus on how the decisions we make, especially those with uncertain outcomes, are negatively impacted by continuous connection. The adverse impact emanates from the common perception our lives move faster today. The result is an increasing dependency on cognitive biases to guide our choices often at the expense of more deliberate thought. I will suggest how to spot those biases in us as well as a discussion on how external influences cloud our decision making.

The onset of a global pandemic in 2020 has amplified behavioral decisions when facing uncertain outcomes. Higher levels of stress and anxiety associated with not knowing what our post-pandemic lives will look like has strongly impacted these behaviors in predictable ways. There will be a discussion of how to control what are often primal instincts of survival when dealing with events perceived to be out of our control. 

The presentation is designed to be a light-hearted interpretation of a serious subject. The primary message is a positive one of becoming more self-aware of how both internal and external influences affect the choices we make. Gaining more control in a world of continuous connection amid a global health crisis is critical to making better decisions when uncertain outcomes are unavoidable.

Delivery Method: Group internet-based
CPE Credit: Specialized knowledge
Program Level: Basic

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