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Members-Only Webinar: Killing the Profit Vampires - Busting Myths Can Help Boost the Bottom Line

  October 17, 2018 from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
19 / 1-325
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Course Objectives: Shine a bright light on the Profit Vampires that exist in all firms. Understand how theProfit Vampires manifest themselves and how to recognize them when they appear. Learn aprocess to identify those Profit Vampires that are most prevalent in your firm and put a stakethrough their




This FREE webinar is just for VSCPA members.

There are many factors that have negatively influenced profitability over the last few
years – price wars, employee costs rising faster than billing rates, economic pressures, and many
other barriers that individual firms have little control over. In this session, however, we’ll explore
key areas that firms do have direct control over – what we are calling The Profit Vampires - the
myths or belief systems that exist in all firms that dampen revenue opportunities and get in the way
of cost reduction efforts. These myths are the self-limiting stories we tell ourselves, and they are
directly responsible for taking a big bite out of profits.

Delivery Method: Group internet-based
CPE Credit: Specialized knowledge
Program Level: Basic